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Blakely & Weeks- Thome offers several accounting services aside from your general tax needs. Our firm covers all the basics of accounting, while extending beyond your traditional services and also offering financial planning and wealth management. Let our efficient tax preparation and financial help pave the road to your future goals, for a smoother journey to where you want to be.


Bookkeeping & Write Up

We commit to providing you with organized and detailed financial records to help ensure that your every day business operations and expenses will run smoothly and consistently so that your business has the tools that it needs for success. Our team of qualified experts can assist you with your daily tasks and expenses aligned with all of your bookkeeping needs.

Business Entity Selection

Taking your cool idea and starting a new business can be an exciting venture.  However, there are many decisions to be made that can be overwhelming for the average entrepreneur.  One of those decisions is the selection of entity type.  Entity type can have a major impact on taxes, liability, and control.  With our expert knowledge, BWT can help you determine the entity type best suited for your new business.

Business Succession Planning

When coordinating the transition of your business to your successors we know it is critical to effectively  plan for the business's successful future even after you have removed yourself from operating the company's every day tasks. Our skilled staff has a solid background in tax and other financial matters, and we are prepared to address even the most complex issues of business continuation when helping assist you in developing a strategic and efficient plan for your company's future.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning helps to guide an orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, while also providing the security needed for surviving spouses and loved ones. A strategic estate plan can also reduce or eliminate taxes due when transferring your business or other essential assets. For business owners, estate planning helps provide for business continuity and proper succession of ownership.

Litigation Support

Let our firm support you during litigation as we can provide our services as consultants or expert witnesses. The professional staff here at Blakely Weeks-Thome are here to engage with defendants, plaintiffs, and legal counsel to help offer the most effective and supportive litigation services including legal testimony, providing creative solutions in mediation and arbitration, developing damages in disputes and losses, investigating fraud, assisting shareholder and insurance damage claims, and assisting as financial witnesses or serving as court appointed accountants.

IRS Representation

Dealing with the IRS can seem overwhelming and complicated. However, our team's combined years of experience with many different taxing authorities ensure a level of competence and professionalism as we properly represent you or your business before the various state and federal tax agencies.



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